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This is the coolest update with its game release V0.1.0

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PuderSower has been released for Windows and Mac! Go ahead to this link to download and play PuderSower V0.1.0, and now whats added...


1. NEW SUPER POWER - FIRE BREATHING! (Bring fire out from your mouth.

2. Added People's Trust Bar (You'll see what I mean when You play)

3. Added Back to Main Menu Button in the Character Select area.

4. Tutorial Choice. (tells you if you want a tutorial or not)


1. Improved little of Graphics.

2. less lag.

3. Improved enemy AI.

4. Improved the Giant Superpower.

5. Slightly Improved A.I Navigation.

6. Made the Moon a little smaller.

Bug fixes:-

1. Fixed R-bot Animation.

2. Fixed Random Crashes when activating electric impulse superpower at the starting point.

What was going to be added and reason:-

1. World Boundaries - Reason: (I Forgot, Sorry...)

That all! for now....

and Enjoy the game!

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