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Release of our PLAYABLE Pre-alpha Demo! As well as news on local co-op and the introducing Strawberry Short-Kate and the midnight snack!

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We're excited to share this pre-alpha demo with you, it can be found on this web-page We hope you download it and have fun!

We have tried to create a tutorial experience to get players familiar with the mechanics. Please understand there will be the inevitable bug in this build, as it's the pre-alpha demo.

You may have also seen our demo being played on one of DanTDM's recent videos.


We'd also like to introduce the Midnight Snack! After eating it you will receive a cloaking effect which breaks any lock The Watcher currently has on you, and cloaks you from The Watcher for 10 seconds! Use it when you're being chased and can't find a place to hide in time!

You can find it on final island of the first stage in our pre-alpha demo.


In other exciting news (as if a playable demo wasn't exciting enough!) Check out this pre-alpha co-op trailer, which will be our first stretch-goal for this project! Part of the stretch-goal (via Kickstarter) will be to create a new character, Strawberry Short-Kate to be Bronut's side-kick!

Early stage sketch for her can be found here!

If you want to support us then please consider pledging over at our Kickstarter. We appreciate all our backers and would love to engage with you and get your feedback!


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