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Head for the hills! Tao has found the launch codes!

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Update list:

Tooltips are now 99% updated. Nearly all buttons should properly display what you're buying. Including specific button text for Nuke and Special Weapons Autoloader upgrades. (No longer squished into one giant tooltip button.)

All USA factions:

  • Infantry Squad. It's a squad of infantry. Units in the squad vary slightly per faction (Not sure how I feel about the squad idea, but I left it in regardless)
  • USA Armor Squad: Rangers, Javelins and Blue Arrows
  • Airforce Squad: Marines and Missile Defenders
  • Superweapon Squad: Marines, Missile Defenders and EMP Missile Defenders
  • Vanilla Squad: Marines and Missile Defenders
  • Lazer Squad: Marines and Laser Missile Defenders
  • The units of the squad have the same health as their respective units. It's cheaper to build a squad than it is to build the same number of units. However, the squad must stick together instead, limiting potential zoning.
    Squad members are automagically replaced for free

USA Superweapon:

  • Alpha Humvees have an exhaust while moving
  • New Unit. Beta Humvees: Stronger than a regular humvee, immune to EMP and has other perks. Available at the War Factory
  • Replaced EMP grenade launcher for Burton OICW
  • New Burton OICW is a flare marker that calls in an Orbital Train Strike. (I really liked the Train idea)
  • The falling whoosh sound of the Trains From God has been replaced with the TrainRuningLoop. (Not the firesound. The sound they make when they spawn and fall from the sky)

Tank General:

  • Fixed a couple issues with the Large Supply Truck
  • Transport Helix no longer creates Emperors when destroyed

China Nuke:

  • Fixed a small issue on the Supply Truck
  • Nuclear Artillery has been changed on levels 1 and 2 to compliment the 10:00 recharge time.
  • Level 1 and 2 have a lot more nuclear shells. Level 3 is still the ICBM drop.

Other Chinese factions:

  • Supply Trucks can drive in reverse now.
  • Factions with Main Battle Tanks: Shell types must be switched manually now. Micromanagement!

GLA factions except Demo:

  • Rebels are cheaper and faster to build. They are still Rebels though, so this doesn't really change anything.

GLA Demo:

  • Nerfs to Demo Ambush. All 3 levels are now static demo trap creations.
  • Level 1: 10 Battlebus Demo Traps
  • Level 2: 10 Standard Demo Traps
  • Level 3: 8 Advanced Demo Traps (Since advanced traps leave behind normal traps, this is technically 16)
  • Topol can no longer pick up scrap for weapon upgrades. No more scumming scrap to fire 3 nukes quickly.
  • Topol reload increased to 120 seconds.

**********Generals Challenge Changes**********

Very very small changes to Superweapon and Tank General.

China Nuke:

  • Lowered the War Fortress mountain
  • Removed 1 supply dock and added a few small piles instead
  • On Hard some Oil Derricks will be removed
  • Fixed the intro. The nukes now fire.
  • Fixed the rest of the nukes. The nukes now fire when ready.
  • Removed the mountain in the top right corner; Added some more Tao base. Including a Research Plant and another Airfield.
  • Tao researches all the Nuke upgrades, including Autoloaders.
  • Buildings are upgraded with landmines.
  • Fixed and added some Science usage. (The AI seems kind of unfair with where it spawns the plane. Pretty sure I cant fix that.)
  • Basically doubled every attack wave. It gets pretty messy when the autoloading Nuke Cannons arrive.
  • Other small stuff.

Updated Download Page

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