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Hello this update is big! i mean big big big big big big big big big big well not that big but..... this update gives some important changes also check out the new images

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Hello this update is big! *Humans* scout has been replaced by the zeppelin.After some testing i have tested the zeppelin And have seen that the zeppelin is harder to kill and covers more ground.Reason being is that the scout is tier 1 and other players have allot of units that can attack the scout.How ever the zeppelin is air and not much tier 1 units can attack it.Some people think this is unfair but,I will still be testing and makeing sure that the zeppelin is worthy of it replaceing the scout.
Barbed Wire*Basic wall for defense can be usefull for defending exspansions
Heliport*Added Trains Zeppelins
Well thats about it for this update stay tuned for more thanks and bye :)

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