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In the skies the larks still bravely singing fly.....sadly it brings us sad news

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Hello there lads,

Due to the lack of interest and the lack of time, i have decided to stop developing the game. It may come as a shock as the new menu screen that i just finished but i am a one man developer and i really cannot do this by myself. I am also no longer will be making anymore games as i feel that i do not have that talent to make good games that are great and amazing to anyone. There are many other WW1 Flight simulators out there like Red Baron or the more recent ones like Rise of Flight and Northern Heights will just bring in the same experience as you will see in those games.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported this game and although it is not a reality, the reality is in the skies and never forgottten. Lest We Forget

James Stevens

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