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This update is a brief one that will focus on the “enemies” of the game, featuring the first type of enemy: The Workers, but more specifically their emotions and how the player can affect them.

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The core goal of the game is to get the workers out of the mansion. To do this, the player needs to decrease their overall Emotion Points (EP). EP works very similar to a health bar as seen in traditional games, but rather than dying once the EP bar is depleted, the AI will run away/leave.


To decrease EP bar the player will need to affect their emotions. Increasing the AI’s emotions decreases their EP. The emotions that are integrated into the game so far are anger, disgust and fear.


  • Sabotaging the worker’s tools (e.g. putting glue on their hammer) will make them angry.
  • Taking their tools will also increase their anger.
  • Seeing Mya will make the workers angry as well (they will escort her out every time they catch her).
  • Future plans: make the workers turn against each other (e.g. making them believe the other workers are playing pranks on each other).

Anger Emotion Example


  • Sabotaging the worker’s break items (such as food and drink) will make the worker feel disgusted.
  • The player will use items found in the level, such as salt, to make the workers food/drink taste disgusting!
  • As the disgust emotion increases, the higher the chance of the worker being sick (this can have a ripple effect on other workers)
  • Future plans: target specific worker’s disgusts (such as disliked foods, insects and other animals)

Example of items to be found in the level.

Disgust Emotion Example


  • Making the AI believe the mansion is haunted will increase the fear emotion (you do this by interacting with objects with Albert, such as turning lights on/off, opening windows etc).
  • As the fear emotion increases, the easier it is to scare the workers.
  • Future plans: target specific worker’s fears (such as spiders, clowns etc)

Here is a video showcasing the worker getting scared after the player has interacted with some objects using Albert:

This was just a brief update to showcase the core gameplay of Haunted Emotions. I aim to improve the feedback and behaviours of the AI in the coming weeks.

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