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Hey everyone, We are finishing up the testing and will release the second update tonight ! :)

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Hey everyone,

We are finishing up the testing and will release the second update tonight ! :)

Change list:

- The world map. It significantly changes the way you explore the world. Instead of jumping straight in the neighbouring location and going through one by one, you can now choose where to travel and what location you want to explore next. It gives much more freedom and strategic choices. The layout of the map is procedural and changes every play through.


At the moment there are no markers on the map and you cannot place your own, but it will be added in the future updates.

- New buildings. We replaced the old cabin and added three more (4 in total). Each of the buildings requires different amount of resources to build and has different temperature bonus. In the future some buildings will depend on your crafting skill.




- Ladders. You may have seen the ladders in some places, but they weren't working. Now you can use them to climb up or over some things. Active ladders highlighted with purple colour.


- Crafting. This section has also undergone some changes. New crafting groups Ammo, Weapon, Survival and Building Materials.
Ammo: 3 types of bullets - 9mm, 7.62mm and Shotgun rounds.

Weapon: Handcrafted Axe, One-Shot Gun, Nail Plank
Building Materials - self-explanatory
Survival - campfire and sleeping bag

In order to craft Ammo you'd need to have three main ingredients : "Empty Shells", "Gunpowder" and "Melted Lead". The last one is not so easy to obtain, you have to collect "Old Car Batteries", break them to get "Lead Battery Plates" and melt the plates on fire.- All body armour can be torn apart for "Cloth Rags". The amount of the salvaged resource depends on the item's durability.- All guns were rebalanced, the damage was increased by 10-35 %. Noise distance of riffles and shotguns increased by 5-8 metres.- The amount of ammo generated in the world was reduced by 30%.- All melee weapons wear off , durability decreases with every hit.- Snow piles has been changed visually. You can extract snow multiple times from one pile. The amount of piles generated in every location, reduced by 25%.- bug fixes.
As always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you,


All good balance ideas and map! looking good

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Me likes the shack textures!
Good job :)

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Satori4 Author

I am Groot ))

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