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some updates evry thing fine now i have found a work around

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:: Grenades given at startup aswell as pistol (100%)
:: Weapon use system (100%)
:: Hopwire (100%)
:: Lower weapon on sprint (100%) - added convar to turn off *
:: Grenade, Vortex grenade and claymore counter (90%) - added hopwire
:: Barriers (0%) - messed up deleted made it so they just come out of the door without breaking, upstairs system added
:: Maps (80%) - going to finish them of soon
:: Zombies (100%)
:: Rounds (100%) - changed zombie spawner to be joined with zombies health and rounds
:: Knifing (100%)
:: Pack a punch (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) (BETA)
:: Mystery box (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) (BETA)
:: Sodas (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) - cant use PHD flopper, GR3AVE5Y has modeled one already (still unfinished) (BETA)
:: Teleporters (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) (BETA)
:: Ironsights (100%)
:: Turrets (0%) - (BETA)
:: Death Machine (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) (BETA)
:: ZS Options menu (100%)
:: Death/Hurt overlay (100%) - added convar to turn off *

:: New New HUD (100%) - also got rid of resource history thing , added weapon name to hud
:: Fonts/Weapon Icons (100%) - new weapon icons/and text on menu added
:: Bullet Penetration (100%) - on metal ,wood and plastic - added convar to turn off *
:: Debris/door system (100%)

:: Player speed affected by weapon weight (100%)

:: Motion Blur (100%) - added convar to turn off *
:: Two weapons only (100%) - only have two weapons after that you switch weapons
:: Prone - (BETA)

:: Throw grenade on button (100%) - i have added the grenades so you can throw on a button press instead of having the weapon, same with knife and hopwire
:: Weapons (?%) - added ak74u and deagle as first weapon added defender M4 added weapon material overlay for p&p material change
:: Leaderboard (100%) - press tab to show your current score, kills, round ect, in future release it will save to a server added to menu.


as you can see i have done quite alot once the knife, hopwire and leaderboard is finished along with some code for a upstairs/downstairs spawner i will add weapons give to beta testers then fix it up it will then be released i think unless i find some big fix.

Multiplayer will still be deleted unless i do the idea i want to do which is to make a multiplayer mod but with singleplayer capabilities so multiplayer and singleplayer put together then i dont have to worry about adding npcs / or deleting them but only adding the zombies, but im unsure if warzone is still being created ...

Note:: i am looking for someone to make some textures as GR3AVE5Y cant as his PC is messed up i need a loading picture and two chapter images but if there a new style then 3 chapter images.

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