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Kickstarter campaign, possibly next week!

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The past few weeks has been completely focused on making our kickstarter page look nice and professional, as well as making sure it holds all the info and stuff you need as a consumer to make an informed purchase. We’ve now got all the content that needs to be there, the next bit is probably the hard bit...

Getting YOU GUYS to pledge on one of the reward tiers! We really hope Overdosed is the kind of game you want to pick up on Steam or whatever (and don’t forget, what we’ve shown is a tiny bit of the game). Hitting our target of £3000 is SO important to develop the game to a high standard and make our ambitions a reality, but we’re confident we’ll do it J

If you’re reading this then you must be somewhat interested right? Use the hashtag #OverdosedGame on twitter and just tweet about stuff, maybe how bad you are at the alpha demo but that’s up to you!

Watch this space for when we kick off the kickstarter campaign...

Here's a sneak peek of our main page

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