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This storm has a lot less fire and a lot more cheer.

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But wait, it's not January? Thought I'd update a bit early for Christmas. This is technically the January update, just early. Hope your Christmas was great <3

Balanced Changes:

Skirmish Mode:

  • Added two new starting money options.
  • $420,000
  • $0
  • $0 is literally impossible. Jokes.

All Factions:

  • Condensed command sets into two separate ones.
  • One for Buildings and one for Base Defenses.
  • Provides room in the future for even more buildings and base defenses to improve your camping skills.
  • Dozer/Worker units should no longer trigger Demo Traps.

American Factions:

  • Added a Wall base defense.
  • It's big and beautiful.
  • But who's gonna pay for it?

GLA Factions:

  • Added a junk car barricade wall.
  • Saboteurs can detect from inside transports. Useful for your Command Bus.
  • Worker Shoes upgraded to Worker Forklifts.
  • No new button picture yet.
  • Workers will be given Forklifts to drive around in.
  • Perks: More speed, health and armor.
  • Sub-faction Worker perks still apply in Forklift mode. (Dr. Thrax's are still immune to poisons and the like.)

China Vanilla:

  • Reworked the 'units create landmines when destroyed' feature.
  • Units create the Zero Hour version of cluster-mines, just with far less mines.
  • Should allow more effective clearing and less lag from so many models.


  • Battlemasters have machine guns now. Might've been in the last update but I didn't write it down :v

GLA Vanilla:

  • Even more base defenses.
  • Added SCUD Position.
  • Functions like the Sturmtiger Emplacement but on a slightly smaller scale.
  • Requires the appropriate Generals Science.
  • SCUD Positions can gain veterancy and are slightly more protected from damage.
  • Added Flak Bunkers. Original idea from SkyMix_RMT.
  • Heavily armored concrete box with a Quad Cannon on top.
  • Uses the flak AA weapon and shreds most aircraft.
  • Detects stealth aircraft.
  • Cannot attack ground targets.
  • Added Heavy Mortars from OFS <3
  • Can be camouflaged.
  • Less range than SCUD Positions, but more damage.
  • Beware of friendly fire.
  • Added a new superweapon: Karl Gerat.
  • Requires a Palace and Command Center.
  • Massive 600mm super mortar. Fires 3 shells anywhere on the map.
  • Can destroy nearly any structure in only 3 direct hits. Superweapons included.
  • Relatively inaccurate however.

GLA Campaign Changes:

  • Karl Gerat should not be buildable in any mission except the final mission.
  • It would totally break those campaign missions, sorry about that.

Can you change 0$ into 69$? That would be... nice.

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Lol $0 dollar
How do i fund to buy something?(heh)

Karl Gerat hmm i see
Another Particle Missile Rivals
Maybe you could add something on your mod from contra

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USA Superweapon : Weather Storm
China Superweapon : Meteor Storm

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Where I could download mod? Who can say how to install mod?

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