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Extremely large amount of stuff done: Skins, models, bugfixes, and particles!

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Since our last update we've focused primarily on bug fixes so that we can push out a release sometime real soon. Loads of small, annoying errors were rounded up and fixed, scales corrected, internal geometry removed, textures tweaked and so forth. The enigma tank (2nd junk upgrade for Scorpion Tank) got a serious skin upgrade. The machine-gunner sticking out of the Type-99 tank has been rescaled and improved. The Nuke mig replacement, the J-20 will actually be replaced by the J-10, since its actually more realistic!

New models include the Battle drone replacement, projectiles for the B-1, F-15/F-22 and the new MLRS model (AMRAAM, JDAM, etc). A chinese dozer has been modeled, and is currently being skinned by Keksz along with a reskin for the F-35B.

Most importantly, we have managed to replace all the particle effects of missiles/rockets ingame. I'll tell you, they're looking pretty spiffy ;).

We're still thinking about all the different names you suggested, its hard to find a perfect one! :)

horizon23 - - 41 comments

Dear doctorheredoctor, everything looks perfect on the mod. But i would like to make a suggestion. Could you put infantries with 50 cals. on humvees please, if it is convenient? Thanks.

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dhd Author
dhd - - 998 comments

That has already been done :)

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horizon23 - - 41 comments

Thanks so much once again. I can not wait to play of your superb mod. By the way. Two more name suggestion for the mod.
C&C Generals: War Gods On Duty
C&C Generals: Everlasting Clash

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