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Hey it's me again! Taking over just for this update and you'll be back to your usual Robert! In this update I'll be giving you a few more details on our changes to War of The Servers in designing and so on. You can check out more details in development on the forums and on the dev blog (links in article).

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So, lets jump in with some questions you probably have!

What's this survival malarkey?!

So, survival is essentially what it says on the tin. However, we're trying to do things very different from your average survival game by adding mechanics that haven't really been seen yet in such a game. We're also trying something new/old with the new art style we've decided to adopt for this game.

Wait, what about the War of The Servers we've grown to know and love?

"Don't worry". Those are my first words. The reason we've chosen to do this survival project first as it's a much smaller project and a more manageable project for us. We're a small team which poses a choice for us, we can spend the next 4/5 years or so working on War of The Servers with countless devs coming in and out of the team and the chances of actually finishing the game will be slim. Or, we could work on the survival game first (which was originally a part of War of The Servers anyway) and release that first. For us this gives us piece of mind and makes our project more achievable in the long run and also allows us to spend less time overall by using assets from this game in the full War of The Servers game.

So, to put it basically, we want to create the survival game first and release it so people get a taste of what we want to do and what we can do and it makes it a lot easier for us. And to answer the question straight up: Don't worry, it will happen, just not yet.

So how does this "survival" bullsh*t work?

Firstly we'll release the "survival game" on it's own as it's own title. Then when it comes to us working on War of The Servers we will release that with an enhanced version of the "survival game" packed in. If you we're asking literally, we're not releasing too much info right now.

What about this page? Will this effect how War of The Servers will look and feel?

So, this page will turn into the official page for the survival game shortly and when the time comes sweet we'll create a new one for War of The Servers. Our main problem with this page was that we put it up way too early! Also, the style and gameplay aims to differ from War of The Servers essentially making the survival game it's own game in it's own right. The only similarities should be the world/story it shares and some in game assets.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them and I'm sure someone will answer them for you.

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