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When the going gets tough, General Towne's has a new way to break the camp.

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Everything is working as intended, I promise.

USA Factions:

  • Removed Bombardment from Command Trucks. After 8 hours of testing, Bombardment just breaks, I don't know why.
  • Replaced Bombardment with a big airstrike call-in ability. Its like the Hornet Strike, but 3 times larger.
  • Fixed an issue with the Command Truck structure feature. It can no longer be captured by the scumbag AI.
  • Reduced the cost of Heavy Infantry to $1500.
  • Heavy Infantry are trained slightly faster.

USA Laser:

  • Renamed to USA Rave General.
  • Added a new superweapon, the Particle Missile.
  • Requires a whopping 20 power, but deals the most damage of any superweapon.
  • Technically the missile is bugged, but using the magic of ini, it works perfectly :o
  • Prerequisites are a Strategy Center, and a Command Truck.
  • It takes some time for the missile to reach its target.
  • The missile will enter orbit, then separate, and collide with the force of a thousand suns.

USA Super Train General:

  • Nerfed the damage of Experimental Particle Cannon spheres by a little bit.

China Tank:

  • Replaced Battlemasters in HALO Tank Drop with Tiny Warmasters.
  • Yes, tiny warmasters.
  • They're smaller than normal and have slightly less health, but pack the same punch as Warmasters.
  • Getting your base rekt by autoloading Battlemasters from the sky was annoying.

GLA Factions:

  • Added GLA Command Bus.
  • It's a heavily armored bus that can be filled with 10 infantry.
  • Can be upgraded with stealth.
  • Is only stealth when NOT talking any damage.
  • For $500, you can turn the Command Bus into a stationary building, giving it extra armor and protection. Passengers are ejected and unharmed.
  • Converting to a structure allows it to be repaired by Workers, much faster than Junk Repair.
  • Command Buses can train basic infantry and Workers, as well as deploy a terrorist strike every 90 seconds.
  • New unit! Leech tank!
  • For only 2 Generals Points, you can build the Leech Tank. Armed with two different guns.
  • It's built from the Barracks, it's that small.
  • Can clear garrisons and is resistant to Infantry-based anti tank weapons.
  • It's very weak against tanks though.
  • Decent all-rounder, but fragile in the wrong engagements.

GLA Tank Airforce Units:

  • Decreased the health on the Flying Cobra, to match it's ground unit in terms of health.

GLA Salvage:

  • Replaced Hornets Nest with Battle Bus Bunker.
  • The AI can build it.
  • Comes with 3 weapons and can hold 5 extra infantry.
  • Benefits from AP Rockets and Fortifications.
  • Will Auto-Repair as well thanks to Junk Repair.

Misc. Changes:

  • Main Battle Tanks have a unique cameo and button image now. It's from the Fixed Online Rank pictures package.

**Generals Challenges**

  • Nerfed Demo Challenge a bit. More delay before the Scud Storm is built.
  • Some smaller attack waves in the early game.
  • Half as many nuclear topols.

particle missile hmm
does it replace particle cannon?
i will upload the newest update at 13 december because i still have semester exam right now

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Splinterus Author

Particle Cannon is still there for Laser General.
Use the 17 Hotfix version because that one should work. There were a couple lines of removed upgrades lingering about.

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i already use the 17 hotfix but for some reason i didn't see particle missile

Edit: Nevermind

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I know that
I will try to check it later hope there will be something new

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