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Crikey it's been a while! A whole month already.. At least we've got some good stuff to share!

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Hello again everyone! Been a whole month, sorry about that I've been rather busy lately and managing our emails is a killer dammit! Anyway, in this update I'll be talking about why our replies to some applications have been taking a while and talking about some of the classes, their roles on the battlefield and more!

Lets get started!

Long response times?!!

Sorry! We get just as excited as you when we receive applications (maybe a little more..). Anyway, since we announced that we were accepting early play testers to put to use in the future, our inbox has been flooded like a swamp! Don't get me wrong, we were all dancing around with excitement when we received the hundreds of applications but when there's only one man to sift through them, it gets hard! We've replied to as many as we can and we've whittled the inbox down so we're back on track with answering applications, apologies for that!


So, lets talk classes because we've been dying to get our classes out there to you and we've been tweaking them and discussing them over and over to make sure they will be balanced. Please bare in mind the following may be changed when the full release is well.. released.

The Breacher is armed to the teeth but nimble as his main role in the battlefield is to charge in to bases guns blazing, to reinforce the Breacher's role on the battlefield, the Breacher's personal augmentation that can be unlocked is the Armadillo Augmentation which allows the Breacher to momentarily activate armour which will give him extra strength until they are depleted. The Breacher will carry assault rifles to help churn some bullets into people!

The Hacker is armed mainly for close to mid range combat, however has one of the most important roles on the battlefield. The Hacker is tasked with what he does best, hacking! The hacker has a unique ability which allows him to hack into a range of things including if you get too close to a hacker, he has the ability to disable vehicle systems which will gradually slow a vehicle down within a certain range. The Hacker is also in charge of the upkeep of your team's vehicles. The hacker has small repair drones which can be automatically set to heal vehicles in a certain area or follow vehicles, however enemy hackers have the ability to hack these drones which will begin destroying the vehicle it was previously repairing.

That's all we can share currently with the classes, we don't want to tell you lots of stuff and then change it, the above is pretty much set in stone at the moment, we'll talk more on classes as we balance them out and discuss them more. Of course the hacker currently has the most work put into it because we're extremely excited ourselves about this class! But balancing is very important, we have to make sure the game is based purely on skill and not using a certain class because they're like Jesus on the battlefield, that wouldn't be fun at all and we have lots in store for you!

Forums & Blog
We've recently started using our rather dusty forums for posting news updates too, we're going to wipe the dust off of them ready for when people have questions and discussions and such!

Alan also runs our small blog where he regularly puts up new images that don't quite make it to IndieDB! Check it out at the links at the bottom!


So, we're taking more jobs as our current team is getting lonely and we need more people! If you're interested, make sure you check out our jobs page! We're looking for all sorts of talent and we're a very inviting, friendly team!

As always, thanks for reading or if you didn't read thanks for skimming through and looking for key words! Until next time!

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