Post news RSS Update 16! [Fun, and Great!]

This Update has lots of Fun and cool stuff that you might like!

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1. Zero Gravity mode.(0G affects only on you)
2. Scoping is now Available.(W.I.P)
3. Added a Human in the "Gift Shop".
4. Added Jumbo Mode.(Become a Giant!)
5. Added more Easter eggs!

1. Improved the terrified Guy.(When hit he makes a funny sound)
2. Improved Player.
3. Improved the Jetpack, making it more like a real one.
4. Reduced the chances of lag.
5. Improved Player Movement.

1. The old ugly trees are now gone, and replaced by way better lookin' Trees!

1. Fixed when going to space, you see two Suns on the Opposite Direction.

Thats all! For now.....

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