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• Players won't be falling down as often as you might think.

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This is the first update... it's not much since I've just posted this project here. So I'm just testing this system.

• Players won't be falling down! I've just updated some collision code. From now on it should be harder for the player to fall of the tunnel. Previously I was only making a check on the current location. If the player's origin wasn't on a surface I would throw him out into space. From now on the game estimates the player's location based on it's speed and if the player makes it on a solid platform within a small fraction of a second then the game will let the player float without falling down. This effect is subtle you won't notice any floating. The only thing you'll do is think how lucky you are that you made it to the next platform. This decision was made because in the future the players attention will be focused on enemies and traps you have to avoid or shoot down.

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