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About the USSR, the units of this fraction, the history of the team and this mod.

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Today we tell about the USSR, the units of this fraction and the history of the team and this mod, as well as show some new screenshots and arts.

History of mod is interesting and strong. The idea of mod appeared simultaneously in several team members, regardless of each other, even in those days, when EA released first RA3 screenshots. We were dissatisfied with the quality of the new product, and decided to create a "correct" Red Alert, has incorporated all our wishes for a future game. While not all of us have had experience in the development of mods, and with whom he had been busy in other projects. Some time later, the founders of the team, Watcher and GEMRY agreed in thinking that you need to create your own mod, and started discussing the idea of a new project. The result turned out that later decided to call the Red Alter. Later we were joined by h1tman, wishing to create their own similar project, as well as other parties to which our idea was to their liking...

And now I come to the proper maintenance mode. Of course, none of the Red Alert series is complete without a fraction of the USSR. Usually this coarse fraction, biting more firepower and armor, but very slow and backward in high technology. We are not very moved by this canon, and decided to design and develop this side. Council on Foreign still embody brutality of industrial style, they are very effective in close combat.

Consider the Soviet units:

Perhaps the Yak-28 is the very first units in vogue, it was the first unit we received, in addition to it first took the concept art. This is a typical serial jet fighter, capable of great struggle against the capitalistic pigs in the Red Sky. Initially, the true story of the Yak-28 was a fighter-bomber with conventional take-off from an air-strip, but for reasons ossobennostey engine, we have also considered the options, where it has vertical take-off, but this is not a final decision. His very distinctive appearance very much to our team and we decided to make a major soviet combat aircraft.
Yak-28 represents the rapidity of Soviet jet aircraft. In general, this aircraft is the whole spirit of aviation the 60th's, the atmosphere we want to convey. During the discussion on the team this aircraft at all possible contenders became apparent that EA Made of Red Alert 3 has used the look of this plane to create a MiG Fighter.

Apocalypse Tank
Apocalypse Tank is a symbol of Red Alert series. Of course we could not forget it! His appearance was little changed from the concept arts and sprites from Red Alert 2, but the main features of the exterior remained. Apocalypse - the pride of the tank troops of the Soviet Union. It has two large-caliber guns, rocket launchers, heavy tracks, are able to crush enemy's tanks to the terrain and strong sloped armor. This infernal tank can survive even a small nuclear explosion. What could be better?

Anti-aircraft tank
Flak-track is not very suited to our vision of the Red Army, so we created a new Soviet anti-aircraft unit - anti-aircraft tank. The chassis is taken from an experimental heavy tank JS-7, a special turret has rooflights and two 85-mm cannon with drum-type autoloading system. This unit excels in the fight against the enemies of the Soviet Union in the air due to particularly strong fragmentation projectiles.

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