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Ok well i have a few pictures of my props that i maid a while ago but yes im making some temp. textures to use untill we get a actual texture artist... We have had a lil bit of of a brake for some reason but im back to work and in full production. Sarge is working on some new guns and modles and we have a animator so now we have to get everything ready for the alpha... Yes we are going to release a short demo of our game for you all to play while we are in development. We will have a demo soon

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Welcome, We are happy to anounce that we have a animator and we are back into producton to release a short demo for you all to play while we are developing the full game with a new story line and new map ideas. Yes we are keeping the same basic story line but i have revised it to make it less genaric than befor :D

Also im sorry for the lack in updates and progres... But im working on the demo now witch is 3 multiplayer maps and a few of our guns with our player modles... if we ever get a coder we will have it way sooner :D :D :D

The demo will not suport major online play but it will suport ad-hoc we hope :)

So keep up with our progress :DWe hope to have our demo with-in 2 or 4 weeks :D :D :D :D :D :D

Notice: We are in need of a coder who has worked with quake/Kurok engins!!!...

Our mod is going good so far things are picking up with the new maps and new textures i am working on :D and all the new models that we have done... But soon this mod will die without a coder... Pleas if you are a coder for quake/kurok pleas sign up for and we will add you to the team so you can get everything ready for the Demo i have planed...

Also we still need a texture artist because im still lerning how to crate textures and plave them into WAD files... If you know how to make textures please sign up at our site so you can apply for our team...

Thank You ,

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