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This week has been full on working on the game, mostly for getting a ‘change resolution' option in the menus which now works fine and dandy (at least on my PC anyway...) but we are now gearing up for releasing the demo early next week :D It's been a long time coming that's for damn sure!

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Now I could go on about each individual thing I have been doing since the last update, but I can't say it makes for an exciting read so I won't bother, so the rest of this blog post is probably a load of rabble. First off I'm now officially a director of Lazy Games Studio Ltd which I'm pretty chuffed with, things are looking good in terms of setting up the company and have been getting great support from Blue Orchid, lord knows I need it. My speciality is game design and development so I'm a bit of a fish out of water with setting up a business but as always, I'm willing to push myself and learn new stuff, but god damn I wish I paid more attention in business studies in college. All that aside I really can't wait to start showing more stuff with Overdosed. A little demo trailer is in the works too so watch this space for the next update!

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