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So this is becoming a monthly thing I see.. Great!

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So, I'm thinking this is going to be a monthly thing from now on (so we've actually got more stuff to show and tell) rather than a weekly thing. However, we recently spruced up the forums and made them a little more interesting, fixed not being able to login (somebody ate all the cookies) and you don't have to answer 30 security questions to sign up.

Let's begin,


So as I said we've started using our forums (after a lot of forum dusting and anti-spam techniques). We're going to use them more primarily now and they will become the place you go to get more information. As we said we'll only be doing these large updates once a month, however things that are smaller and that don't make it into the updates will be on the forums. We've also opened areas for you to discuss lots of new different things such as War of The Servers it's self and other things. We're going to continue updating the forums with new features to make them much better and efficient.

War of The Servers & Project ONYX

So, you all know about War of The Servers, what you may not know is that we're planning to store a lot of stats on our servers for you to view and play wherever you wish, we'll be storing all of your character information, weapons, unlocks and so on as well as stats from in game such as your favorite weapons, overall kills and details from your best game. "Why?" I hear you preach, and we preach back "Why not?" it's a very easy thing to do and it allows you, the user, to show off your kick ass stats, also at the same time it allows us to catch people out who may be "tampering" and then gives us the powers to abuse those "tamperers" by either banning them or taking their shiny rank 100 away from them and dropping them back to -1. It's fool proof! This is where Project ONYX comes in (current name, will probably change) Project ONYX is War of The Server's partner in usability, ONYX will sync everything as well as be able to display stats, not only that ONYX is your entire War of The Servers world in one place giving you easy access to your clans, editing your clans, uploading images/videos, arranging battles and talking crap!

Small Q/A:
Q. Will ONYX be required to play War of The Servers?
A. In a sense it is built in to War of The Servers, however you don't have to have the client no, you can go all caveman and use your web browser if you want to create a clan. (We call it the boring way).

Q. So ONYX is an anti-cheat?
A. No. ONYX is life, bow down to ONYX. (But seriously, it's our solution to a lot of things.)

Q. Great, so can I test it?
A. Yes, yes you can, Billy. We will be rolling out an early version very shortly to our testers.

Q. When is the War of The Servers play test!!!!
A. Not yet.

Small Changes

Last month I talked about classes, well guess what, we've tweaked them again (it's all about balancing), but don't worry they're just as awesome as ever. On another note, we've also removed Jets from the game. Now now, I can hear you "OMFG WHY NOO" well honestly, they just well.. don't fit in with the gameplay at all anymore, I mean who wants a jet when they can punch through walls right? Don't worry however, we've got some awesome incredible vehicles to replace jets (no they don't fly).

Another small change we've made is that ordnance drops are no longer a thing too. Was a pretty stupid idea to begin with and is heavily unused in other games that have them in, not to mention like I said, who cares about an ordnance drop when you can punch a 12" hole in somebodies chest? Amirite?

Wrapping up..

So, to wrap it up, we encourage you to go check out our forums to get exclusive updates and much more (coming very soon!).

Thanks for all the support we've been getting, we couldn't make this game if it wasn't for the amazing people that regularly come and go!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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