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Red October is here. Er, just October. Here's a list of what's new.

General stuff:

  • Found unused Cameo's in the files. Some units have proper pictures now.
  • USA SEAL has its own unique button and select portrait.
  • Chinese Covert Officers have unique buttons and portraits now.
  • Changed the button picture for Kassad's GLA Vehicle Training at Rank 5.
  • Fixed decal radius on most special powers.
  • Updates to text tips on buttons.


  • The great dozer nerf is here. Repair speeds changed from 50% per second to 10% per second.
  • Skycranes are 5% per second.
  • Difficulty increased by a factor of 2.

USA Factions:

  • All USA factions have a new hero unit. It's Billy Gates. Buildable from the Barracks for 10,000. He provides a Speaker Tower (with basically infinite range) boost to all of your units, allies included.
  • Bill can install Windows One onto units and structures.
  • Bill is stealth unless taking damage.
  • He uses wimpy voices from RA2.

Super Train General:

  • Increased the exp given on all transformed infantry.
  • Decreased Alpha Humvee health (the flying one).
  • Removed visible container slots from the Alpha Humvee. Infantry are locked inside. What a world.
  • Popup Turrets have less health (the generals power ones). From 1,000 to 750.


  • Hyper-sonic Aurora's are now stealthed properly via the upgrade. It's pretty unfair.
  • Fixed missile firing positions on the buildable A10 unit.
  • Decreased buildable Spectre Gunship range from 300 to 250.
  • Decreased buildable Spectre Gunship health from 700 to 550.
  • Added stealth upgrade cameo to it.

China Factions:

  • A couple new small units. Utility really.
  • Anti-Air Jeep. Buildable from your factions Propaganda Center. It's quite weak, but fast.
  • AA Jeep is good against aircraft, and can stealth itself like the Chameleon.
  • It's a Scout Car model that has a Gatling gun on top. It can capture buildings slowly too.
  • APC added. It's a Bullfrog with machine gunner.
  • Can transport up to 6 infantry. Very quick as well.
  • Armed with a cool pew pew machine gun that's okay against infantry.
  • It out-ranges infantry, making it useful to support infantry spam, or deal with spam.
  • Hacker Vans come with TONS OF HACKERS. It's a LAN party :)
  • Removed Topols from Level 3 Arty. It's replaced with even moar shells.

China Infantry:

  • Changed firing modes for the Berserk Artillery unit.
  • The three options fire an increasing number of rockets, with decreasing accuracy.
  • From 'highly accurate but kind of slow' to 'why are there so many rockets, and why do none of them hit.'

GLA Vanilla:

  • Testing a new feature for lots of buildings. Base Defenses are seperated into their own button list now. Switch between normal buildings and base defenses with the button in the lower right on the Worker.
  • Let me know what you think.


  • New unit from the Chemical Bunker. Anti-Air Boat.
  • What does this have to do with toxins? Nothing. I just ran out of buttons for all the other Arms Dealers.
  • It fires lots of missiles at aircraft. These missiles won't be fooled by countermeasures.
  • Huge range and detects stealth aircraft.
  • Sails through water or land!

Laser General Challenge:

  • Attempted to fix Science uses. It'd better work this time or I'll be very upset.

GLA Campaign:

  • Increased the health of a certain unit.
  • He should no longer die if you hit him with a Sturmtiger.
  • Fixed the ending cutscene as well.
  • Worldbuilder didn't want to apply literally 3 lines of ini code to make it work properly.
  • The final cutscene has been scripted to avoid a low-power issue.
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