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Lizardry 1.5 is almost ready. 1.5 is almost like a new game. We now have 40 new rounds and a new theme. In additions, each round will be played in one of 4 gameplay modes. There is also an award systems that rewards the gamer with a virtual medal for playing the game in a certain way.

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Lizardry update 1.5 is a major update to the Lizardry game. We updated the gameplay, added a new theme and an award system.
Here is a list of all the things that were updated.

There are a total of 40 rounds spread across two themes. Each theme has 20 rounds. Each round is a little easier than before and the last couple of round aren't as hard as in the original game.

There are now two themes in the game. First on is Desert Heat. This is the original theme. The other is Abandon city. This is a darker setting with it's own background music. Abandon City becomes "unlocked" after Desert Heat has been completed.

Each round can be played in one of five ways.
a)Free flow - There are no constrains. You can not lose a round in this mode.
2)Timer - You must complete the round before the timer runs out.
3)Accuracy - You must keep your hit/miss ratio about a certain percent.
4)Points - You must gain certain amount of points by the time you get to the finish line.
5)Hits - You can only get hit or eat bad insects so many times before you lose the round.

There are a total of nine awards that you can earn for performing well in certain aspects of the game. Example. You get the 6ft Dash award for continuously moving your Lizard without stopping.

Update 1.5 will go live on June 6.

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