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Important, please read this. I guess I owe an explanation to many of you.

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As most of you probably know, the release of The Elder Sign: The Asylum was supposed to be this summer 2012, I pushed it back to Q4 2012, but as you probably know by now, I wasn't able to release it at the time.

I have been working across various wiki's on the website, and that has somewhat surpassed my motivation on working on this mod.

I also wasn't motivated enough, because of the poor population growth of the mod. However, I am dedicated to finish this mod, and I will release it in 2013. More specific, it will be released either summer 2013 or late 2013.

Please, share this mod in whatever way possible! and please, keep commenting on both the forum thread and on moddb.

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Oh bad news :( Me and some of my friends love the Lovecraft stories and after playing Call of Cthulhu - The Dark Corners of the Earth, I hoped, I can find more games based on the story (already played with Alone In The Dark 4, Sherlock Holmes - The Awakened and of course Penumbra series and Amnesia). After I found your forum, I was happy there is someone who wants to make the stories on a better graphics engine and bring that scary world to our screens. But after more reading you just lost the motivation :( I think to bring this world you need the most motivation and I hope you will have it again. I think there are many people who doesnt think you are working on it and will meet your work only after its done. And there are many who already knows about your work but waiting in silence. So I have to say in everybody's name: thanks for your hard working and please not give up this mod. Thanks a lot from Hungary: Norbert Földi

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Wow, someone who actually likes what I am doing. Thank you sir for your motivating words. I am definitely trying to get it out there. In the meantime, check this out at the forum post on the website.

Thank again!

Elroy Gopal

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