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In this update, I will talk about some recent developments, and will explain what's going to happen in the future.

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Hey all,

it has been a while since the latest news post. Alot of things have happened the past few months. Some things are good, some things aren't. I will also tell a bit about what the future holds.

The good things:

There have been several good things happening. I've finally gotten a good grasp of C# programming, meaning that I can play a useful role in development. I've already built 2 software systems on my own already for university. That's not exactly much, but I also coded alot in my spare time.

Also, I've bought some books relating to game development. Some are about general game business things, some are about programming and engine development. I will be studying these, and once done, I will be continuïng development.

The bad things:
Yes, this means that the game has been delayed (again). Even without this extra studying, the game would have been delayed. My health situation isn't too good, and it might force me to put university on hold. I hope it doesn't become worse, but currently I'm in a quite bad shape. It doesn't mean that I'll die, no worries. I'm just not capable of working as hard as I could.

The future:
Well, you might ask, what does the future hold? Well, it depends on how it goes. I can't tell much, but I hope to get cracking at developing within now and a few months (I've had several tries already, just didn't manage to stick it through). Once going, I hope to have the game playable (in alpha or beta) within a year.

If you want to know anything more, you're free to leave a comment or contact me with a private message.

Roberto 'dirtbag007' Moretti

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