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v1.4 brings tyranids and aircraft to the game. Tyranids get their 8th edition psychic powers and can consume corpses to get extra resources.

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1. Make sure dark crusade is updated to v1.2 (cd users) OR v1.3 (for steam users), shown in the upper left of the main menu.
2. Launch the 4gb_patch executable and navigate to your Darkcrusade.exe file and patch it. As soon as that's done click "Another file" and search for the GraphicsConfig.exe file and patch that one too
3. Extract the Cinematic_battles folder and Cinematic_Battles.module to your dark crusade directory
4. Launch the game and activate the mod in the game manager

Explain Tyranid gameplay here:
Gaunts can consume corpses to produce requisition and power

Psychic powers for Tyranids:
smite done
dominion done makes target squad fearless for 60 seconds, range 120, recharge 60
catalyst done gives target squad 40% damage resistance for 30 seconds, range 60, recharge 90 seconds
paroxysm need fx need icon reduces target squads damage by 40% for 30 seconds, range 45, recharge 90 seconds
psychic scream need fx does 400 morale damage to all enemys within 18m of the caster
the horror done reduces maximum morale of nearby enemys by 50%
swarmlord aura need fx increases speed of all nearby tyranids by 30%

added great unclean one for chaos
added repressor for the sisters of battle
added lightning fighter for the sisters of battle
added marauder bomber for IG, the marauder can only move by jumping and can drop bombs on units below it
added wyvern suppression tank for IG
added fighta-bomba for orks
added hell talon for chaos
added barracuda for tau
added night scythe for necrons
special thanks to Gambit for writing the ai code for aircraft
added codex models for space marine commanders
all krak missiles now require line of sight
all factions now use UA's taskbar ui
moved all factions tier 3 research to their hq to free build menu space for more vehicles
halved the time and cost of tier 3 research
units can no longer shoot though the walls on 3p_holy_ground
added light vehicle armor type for aircraft and other unarmored vehicles, light vehicles take more damage then tanks but less then heavy infantry
player start locations on 4p_crypta now match the preview on the map selection screen
many units, buildings, and researches have been given more accurate tooltips
Imperial guard, space marines and chaos space marines now have lore accurate and consistent sizes
turrets no longer require power (except the necron turret of course)
added a unique autocannon tracer for imperial units

removed vehicle health bonus from chaos energies research, and corrected its description
fixed chaos units that were lacking color in campaign mode
fixed chaos havoc autocannons firing through the ground
the cultists laspistol can damage infantry again
greater deamons no longer go into the deamon circle building after training
increased predator autocannon rate of fire and vertical traverse speed
terminator storm bolter damage is now the same as other storm bolters

improved the damage of all shuriken weapons, they had been doing far less then intended
changed wraithguard cost to 300 req and 200 power
reduced striking scorp exarch damage
increased eldar lasblaster effectiveness against light vehicles
dark reapers are now heavy infantry, which gives them a significant protection from anti infantry weapons
reduced the cost and training time of eldar infantry squads and grav platforms
reduced fire prism train time to 18 seconds
greatly reduced the avatar of khaine’s cost and train time
swooping hawk exarch wings are animated now

Imperial Guard:
reduced hellhound range
adjusted the cost of IG vehicles
priests and psykers no longer require power
changed how guardsmen are affected by cover
fixed the leman russ turret that was untextured in campaign
added a planetary requisition cost to the sisters honor guard
sisters honor guard can now upgrade their weapons
increased shadowsword range to 250
increased all baneblade variants sight range to 60
fixed the hydra aa's turret rotation
gave the stormsword cannon the basilisk magnus hit fx, and increased its aoe to match
increased leman russ and vanquisher cannon reload time to 7 seconds
fixed pink icon caused by sentinel autocannon upgrade
made a new icon for the wyvern tank
each vox operator now decreases the whole armys ability recharge time by 5%

the force commanders orbital bombardment now requires tier three again
fixed apothecary texture
fixed vanguard veterans and their sergeant
increased sternguard range to 30
hellfire dreads can now fire both frag and krak missiles
hellfire dreads now have a lascannon upgrade
restored terminators (all types) and obliterators to their original power and requisition cost
reduced SM and CSM bolter and assault squads to 6 men per squad, having multiple smaller squads will help them spread out and survive better, and give them a higher ratio of weapon upgrades per man.
increase all land raider varients sight to 50
bolt pistols can no longer fire through terrain
increased predator autocannon rate of fire and vertical traverse speed

necron destroyers will retain squad coherency better
added jump anims for destroyers
nerfed necron phylactery health regen from 4 to 2

increased ork battlecannon reload to 7 seconds
buffed weirdboy powers
ai can now use weirdboy powers
reduced ork mek shop cost and build time
reduced the cost and training time of many ork units
split the grot gang into separate kannon and zzzap gun units
increased the range of all zzzap guns to 45
battlefortress now has same requirements as a squiggoth
increased the health of ork unarmored infantry to 20
reduced killa kan cost and build time
modified ork ai to build more ranged units and tech up faster
increased big shoota damage by 50%
increased ork rockit launcha range and (on some units) accuracy

fixed the sisters vehicle building create squad animation
sisters infantry squads will no longer change icon when they get a weapon upgrade
sisters dominion squads now have their own icon
increased witchhammer ability recharge to 60 seconds
buffed the sisters immolator to be the same as the hellhound inferno cannon
nerfed exorcist hunter killer range to 120
arco flagellants are now fearless
disabled syncdeath on arco flagellants until they get a death animation
changed holy icon effect to give fearless and 50% ability recharge time for nearby units (range 25)
reduced emperors wrath damage and recharge time
the living saint now has two emperors wrath charges
living saint argent flame recharge time has been reduced

increased range of hazard suit ion guns
added a new idle animation for hazard suit, and fixed its aim animations
riptides now use 1 support cap
tau piranha now has light vehicle armor
increased krootox speed to 20
added updated model for broadside suit, new model does not entrench, has short setup time for railguns and can upgrade smart missiles to plasma rifles

Known issues:
sisters and tyranid menu music doesn't play
sm vindicator tracks go backwards
stalker and rhino tracks don't move
dakka fex - devourers missing

Models, art and code contributed by:
UA team
tyranid team
codex team
objective points team
skirmish ai team

Special thanks to: Kekoulis and Thudo for their advice
Extra special thanks to Gambit for writing the ai code for aircraft

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