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The New Logo,V-sync And Android On Developing!!! :D

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first of all I will show you the new and old logo!

bandicam 2018 01 05 18 40 14 253

I changed it, because I did not like the old logo.
It was too simple and the game was not very relevant.


I put new medals in classic mode. They are 3: You Hacker !, 999 Presents and Bad Christmas

The first (YouHacker!):
It is unlocked by getting more than 500 gifts

The second (999Presents):
... I think .. It's obvious I do not need to explain it

The Last (BadChristmas):
You get it when you do not get any gift

bandicam 2017 12 15 19 09 25 910bandicam 2018 01 05 17 32 57 463



This is just a button in the options that activate and deactivate the V-Sync.
This will be useful for people like me with a bad pc :D

bandicam 2018 01 05 17 35 16 817

Quick access.

I had a lot of fun making these icons to decorate :D.
they are only to take you faster to a game mode !.

bandicam 2018 01 05 17 34 24 400bandicam 2018 01 05 17 34 28 213


The Android version is in development but in a short time it will be

ready !.
I can not give a download because is not ready :c

Remember to give ideas for the game !.
I will soon bring new game modes!. :D


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