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Something something, for Shai Hulud. There's more references, okay.

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I have returned a month later to update. Here's the lowdown, or something.

Update list:

All USA Factions:

  • Spectre Gunships are obsolete now. As a result, they will be sent directly into a target.
  • Number of Spectres increases by 1 per level, to a max of 3.
  • SEALs can switch between their machine gun and C4 charges. The machine gun cannot damage vehicles, so their auto-targeting will kill infantry. Might need to switch to the machine gun when he spawns to fix Zero Hours bad AI.
  • Pathfinder vehicle snipes.
  • Chill with the suggestions please, not going to get to most of them.
  • Humvees enter low orbit when destroyed because why not.

Super Train General:

  • Transformed infantry cannot be hijacked

Armor General:

  • Little Birb has miniguns and laser guided missiles, just like Battlefield 3. Both weapons can attack ground and air targets.

Laser General:

  • Found a laser drone model that wasn't used.
  • Used it.
  • Added poor Dune references.
  • It's a flying laser drone armed with a pretty laser gun.
  • Has virtually no health.
  • Explodes violently, but colorfully, when destroyed.
  • Can engage all targets and hits like a truck.
  • Disables vehicles it doesn't destroy instantly.

Airforce General:

  • The AI will now buy the Stealth Comanche/Stealth Systems upgrade. (fixed the scripting issue)
  • Stealth Systems upgrade now applies to basically everything flying.
  • The most annoying general by far.
  • Airforce Carpet Bomber is now stealth, it's pretty gross.
  • Burtons voice replaced with a Red Alert 2 voice. Find me something to Turminate!
  • Couldn't replace his button voices however (timed/remote charges). It seems they're more complex than I thought.

Chinese Main Battle Tanks:

  • Replaced voice with Rhino Tank.

Chinese Helixes:

  • Helixes are much heavier now, that's it.

China Nuke:

  • Destroying the Mega Nuclear Missile Silo makes it blow up like a mega nuke.
  • Why not?

China Special Weapons General:

  • Flame Mortars.
  • Can be upgraded with Ramjet Missile Shells.
  • Can create firestorms in groups. 8 or more I think.

GLA Factions:

  • Rocket Buggies enter the Stratosphere when destroyed.

Salvage General:

  • Gadflys have more health and range.

Thanks for playing <3


I'm honestly convinced suggestions are all made by a single user.

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crazy mod + shockwave + destructive forces in a mod of a mod

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