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Update 1 of The Knights of the new Republic. Whats new in Knights of the new Republic. Whats to come in the next week on Knights of the New Republic.

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So far the mod has:
- A admin system
- Motd's for each admin rank. Changable ingame so admins can leave eachother messages. Also tells who posted the message.
- Loading Screen (image in gallery)
- BaseJKA fixes
- Command to spawn fx_runners (pic is gallery)
- How the fx_runner command works. This command is simular to lugormods system. It is a little different. a example
/fx_runner fxfile effects/env/fire spawnflags 4 splashDamage 100 splashRadius 100
the things can go in any order. The things that are suppored with fx_runner:
fxfile,spawnflags,splashRadius,delay,splashDamage,random. Im gonna add targetname also. The command(fx_runner) is gonna be change to /something fx_runner. There will also be a in-game building guide inclueded with the mod as well as a .txt file one.

What is gonna be added in the next week:
- Custom User interface that allows you to pick your character as well as your saber, force powers, skills, and weapons. There will also be classes (this is basically KOTOR's sytem) that have default skills and powers without taking up your points to customize your character. Like kotor you will be able to have saber and weapons. But if you have saber maxed out your weapons wont be good. Same thing if you have weapons maxed out you wont have a good saber. Debating on weither you should have seperate weapons and force points or if they are intermixed.
- New weapons. (models as well as flamethower and grappling hook)
- New Saber Colors.
- New commands.
- Hoping on working on a map.
- New images and videos.
- More stuff i cant remember(please leave ideas in the comments, Thanks ^^)

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