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This is another Pacific update, it includes the recent Q&A along with a brief team update.

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Okay, so first things first for this update, the Q&A.
We have had some crazy suggestions. However we also had good ones. So we are going to answer each and every question posted. We shall also post a FAQ in the future to be used as a reference for people new to the Pacific Mod.
Will this mod be version 2.600 compatible?
Yes, we ensure that Pacific will be fully compatible with the most recent patch update for Company of Heroes.
Will there be naval wars like battleships and transports on islands maps?
No, The Navy and transports will play a major role in getting the soldiers to the combat zone and also to provide extreme fire support.
Will there be Australians?
In V1.0 there will only be the IJA and the USMC. We are focusing on the IJA before the USMC to ensure that the IJA are a highly detailed new Faction. However, if Pacific gains a lot of support, then we already have a Sequel aspect in our minds just in-case. And they will possibly be in the SP Campaign as P.O.W's
Will there be single player?
Hopefully there will be a complete USMC campaign alongside the Multiplayer mode.
Will it have air battles?
No, plausible Air Battles are pretty much impossible with the COH Engine.
Will the Americans feature any new units?
The USMC will feature nearly all of the Vanilla US equipment. Excluding the USMC Variant of the Sherman M4A2
Will there be ninjas who can fly if they're being shot at?
Will there be Hand to Hand Combat?
This is a problem that we will need to wait for a Coder to begin to tackle. It is possible that the Officer will initiate the banzai charge and engage in melee combat with the enemy, however the possibility of the Americans fighting back is very unlikely.
Will there be pillboxes for the Japanese?
Yes, the Japanese will feature all of the main emplacements. Including Heavy Bunkers and Light Bunkers. These range from Concrete and steel down to Wood and rope.
That’s the end of the current Q&A but remember, a FAQ will be coming soon so stay tuned for more of that.
If you are wondering about how we are getting along in the physical side of modding. Then have no worries as our Modeller, Janpec, has already begun to implement some Vegetation into the game, with a few minor hitches which were expected. However we will be sure to update you all when we can as to reassure you that we are working strongly.
We are always looking for more developers. Composers, Coders, Modellers, Animators etc, if you have any skill in Modelling or modding Company of Heroes, then please don’t hesitate to send me a Personal Message here or on our official forums.
We have had a major overhaul of the graphical design of our ModDB page, as you can see with the new banner. Also note the new Project Title.
And just incase you haven’t noticed, we have officially become a part of the Hypergames2k8 Team and as such we have moved to their website. The link to the Group and the Website is included in the Panel to your right. We strongly suggest you sign up on the forums to get the news early.

Ah... when I asked about Australians, it wasn't a dead serious question... but ok, guess you're pretty dedicated ;)

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Would this be a separate entry (like the Eastern Front) or will it be a reskin, like the 90% of the mods?
And more importantly, will it be compatible with the Eastern Front?
It'd be wonderful if it did. If the Japanese and the Russian enters CoH, then the game is pretty much complete.
I'd love to help you, but I have absolutely no skills in modding/animating/graphics etc, but I am a grammar wiz, if you ever need such job.

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