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Update brings many visual updates and fixes with gameplay.

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Update brings many visual updates and fixes with gameplay.

Update 1.20 Changelog:


-All dargons models has been reworked.

-Overhead effects has been removed but i add aura in the lower part of model,this give's to player a better vision on fight.Note:I did no changes to legioneres.


-I remake model "Gate of Energy" and rename to "Pandora Treasure".

-To Magical Crystal's adds a visual circle.


-Ability "Snatch" has been reworking for a better balance between damagers and mages.Also this add's a difficulty with control to Gardia.(Gardia)

Gardia makes the leap at the enemy(Radius of leap 300\340\380\420\460).
Ability PASSIVE:Gardia gets addtional +6\12\18\24\30 to Might Power for 3 seconds.


-Legendary item "Fao Cane" is absolutely reworked with new name "Faokaide",also it helps protect themselves from damagers and carry.

+23\33\43 Spells,Might,Defences Power.
+10%\13%\16% Attack Speed
Active:Blinds the target after that with every next attack, target will completely miss for 1\1.50\2 seconds.(Cooldown 65 sec.)


-Lamps in map has updating.

-Models of instraids has reworked and renamed to "Magic Treasure"

-Neutral Boses models has already updated.

-Legions War Launcher system has fully remaked,also with downloading.

-For now Color and Legionere"s code complects you can get a random in game,check your luck)

-In "LW Shop" you can now purchase icons known cyber team"s for LW Points.

-Fixed some bugs with in-game text.

READ THIS PLEASE:I reupload client in last,because it give's me some problems,i update client only if problem will be dangerous.All next upcoming updates will be downloaded only by Legions War Launcher.

Update 1.20 is waiting you in Legions War Launcher.

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