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OK, here it is, first update on mods.db, at this time my mod has already over 70 models

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M-86 BOV-The BOV (Borbeno
Oklopno Vozilo) is a wheeled 4x4 APC/recon, made for army and police,
It can have 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm as primary armament, its armor is light
and can only protect from small arms and small pieces of shrapnel, his
engine is Deutz F6L413 that provide 150 hp (110 kW), max. speed is 95
km/h (59 mph), and operational range is 500 km (300 mi).


(I will add shadows and light, but later)

Patton II-Yugoslavia received World War II-vintage equipment and some
more up-to-date systems, including M-4 Sherman and M-47 Patton tanks,
M2 and M3 half-tracked personnel carriers, artillery, and F-86
Thunderflash fighter-bombers. Some of this equipment was still in
service or held in reserve in 1990.
In the early 1980s, negotiations
to supply Yugoslavia with modern US-manufactured TOW antitank guided
missiles broke down after the revelation that Yugoslavia had violated
the terms of a prior transfer, sending M-47 tanks to the new
revolutionary regime in Ethiopia in the early 1980s.
In reserves M-47 has been given to Air Force tank reserve, in case of war
their purpose was to defend larger and important air bases


(model is simple, but looks nice ingame, you will used it in only one mission)

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