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Even more missions with even more shenanigans. What could possibly go wrong?

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It's update time on the 4th of July. What better way to celebrate than with, you guessed it, China missions! This wasn't intentional actually, the dates just kind of fell like this.

Le Updates:

  • The menu buttons should say GLA Campaign and Communist Campaign respectively.

All factions:

  • Sciences now cost stuff! Yay!
  • Sciences cost between 1 and 5 points.
  • Players start with 3 points and gain several per promotion.
  • Cost of a science depends on how destructive it is.


  • Viral weapons are now useful. Whaaaat?
  • It's a slow burn that goes through hazmat suits.
  • Viral Strike generals power is now a large-area slow-burn ability.

China Campaign:

The Chinese campaign takes place after a China Victory in Zero Hour. But wait, didn't China defeat the GLA? Yes, but these GLA are new. They took to a life of crime after they learned they couldn't be successful terrorists.

  • The first mission remains the mini-game.
  • You can skip the first mission by driving back over the bridge. Save teh treez!
  • The second mission pits you against the criminal organization known as the GLA. Stop them in their civil war.
  • The third mission takes you to an old location. Intel shows that a northern foe might be helping the GLA criminals.
  • Finally, you track down the allies for the GLA. Crush them both.

Fanally sume balance :)

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