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Update 1 -added new maps and fixing existing ones -Updating weapons and changing some effects on them

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---------------Malevolent Horizon---------------
-This is a void themed wad with custom enemies and weapons.
-At the moment there is 3 different ammo types and there will be atleast 2 weapons per ammo type.
-Falling into the void wont kill you in this wad, you will instead go into another portion of the map and have to fight your way through to go back to the other side of the void.
-This wad will make use of jumping and maybe crouching.
-Some areas in this wad will have flying or swimming.
-At the moment there is no max map cap so this wad could go beyond 32 maps.
-There will be boss encounters in this wad so watch out!

Next week ill be looking for some testers, so if your interested send me a Pm

-Eriance - Monster sprites, weapon sprites and sounds
-Woolie Wool Monster sprites
-osjclatchford Hellstaff sprites
-if you see something that someone made that isnt credited then please let me know so I can add them here.
-map01 -Caustic Void------------100% complete
-map02 -Abyssal Terminal-------100% complete
-map03 -Bonevilance-------------100% complete
-map04 -The Beast Within--------80% complete
-map05 -Bloody Ruins-------------70% complete
-map06 -Malseethe----------------90% complete
-map07 -Shadow Hold-------------25% complete
-map08 -Darkvale Forrest---------15% complete

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