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First update presenting game features, character and a new weapon.

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Hello all, this is our first update!

We release the first details about War Legacy and a small part of the work that has been done so far.

War Legacy is a team based tactical shooter where two teams of 15 players battle each other for total annihilation or for controlling all strategic points on the map. Beware that the dead players do not respawn, so the death is final. This will force players to plan their moves more carefully before acting. We are also bringing an innovative damage system where every bullet wound has an influence on the player's overall battle capability.

For example:
- leg wound causes the player to move at reduced speed
- arm wound causes reduced aim and reload time
- a chest wound causes tremendous damage and can be fatal or cause the player to have less stamina, massive bleeding and to be unable to sprint
- note that every wound causes bleeding, depending on damage, that if not treated will reduce the player's fight capability and eventually kill him/her.


This is our first character, and it will be used for testing gameplay and animations. Polycount is arownd 18k, texture resolution 2k.

We also present a new weapon that was modelled. LA1A it is a gas operated automatic battle rifle, chambering 7.62x51mm NATO rounds, with 20-30 rounds per magazine. Developed by the United Kingdom, it was used between 1954-1990

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