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This update will feature the city patrol guards. We will describe their abilities, habits, ranks, weapons, and armour. We’ve also uploaded some new screenshots and a short slideshow video.

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The City Guards:

The patrol guards are in charge of keeping order and enforcing the city's curfew... They patrol the streets and they guard important buildings... They sometimes patrol alone and sometimes they are found in groups. It is important to remember that in this city violating the curfew is a serious offence, which is often punished by death...

There are five different types of guards:

The Captain: He wears heavy plate armour and carries a large shield. The hammer is his weapon of choice. He is strong and mean. As the captain and the highest-ranking member of the city guards, he prefers to watch from high above in towers and curtain walls.

Screenshots 12 Screenshots 12

The Archer: He wears light chain armour and is armed with a bow and short sword. He is cunning and fast. The archer doesn't patrol the streets but instead he is a sniper and is usually found lurking high above the streets in strategic locations.

There are three different types of regular patrol guards. These are the standard guards that patrol the streets and guard buildings. The different colors of their uniforms signify their rank. They sometimes wear capes during inclement weather and are usually equipped with torches so they can peer into the night. These guards occasionally carry small bags or purses at their sides, these purses contain items like keys that will open up locked doors... A stealthy thief can pick pocket these items but be warned, guards do not take kindly to such brazen and unlawful activities.

The Gold Guard: He is the highest rank of the three patrol guards and he is also the strongest in terms of strength, endurance, and alertness. He wears chain armour under his gold surcoat and is usually equipped with a broadsword and medium shield.

Screenshots 12 Screenshots 12

The Red Guard: He is the middle ranked patrol guard. He wears scale armour under his red surcoat and is usually equipped with a standard sword and small shield.

Screenshots 12 Screenshots 12

The Blue Guard: He is the lowest ranking member of the patrol guards. He wears padded armour under his blue surcoat, and is usually equipped with just a torch and short sword.

Screenshots 12 Screenshots 12

In rare cases a guard might patrol with an attack dog. These animals have been trained by their owners to hunt down individuals that violate the city's evening curfew. These attack dogs are very fast and quite vicious.

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