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The list of changes in version 1.1 of The Rift and plans for the future

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I've made quite a few fixes and changes in this version, which I will lay out below:

  • Added a bit more flesh to the story to make it less vague. It's still very brief and succinct, but it has a little more depth now. If I ever expand The Rift into a more full-fledged story, I'll add more in the future.
  • Added a simple, but needed introduction.
  • Simplified the final puzzle.
  • Fixed some monster pathing issues. I'm sure there's still more I can do to make the monsters smarter, but they should get stuck less now.
  • Made some simple appearance changes for a few of the levels. Cleaned up some ugly object placement.
  • Made a few sound changes.
  • Tightened up some timers so the script flows a bit faster.
  • Cut the file size by over half!
  • Slightly changed the ending.
  • Removed that oil barrel.

This story was never intended to be long or in depth. My goal in making this was definitely realized.

That thought in mind, I don't think I'll be putting a whole lot of time into adding to The Rift. I know it's short and the story is vague and the ending doesn't answer everything, but that's how it was designed.

I may make the ending longer or add a bit more to the story in the near future, but after that I think I'll let it stay and spend time working on my full-length custom story.

Thanks so much for playing my story! I really appreciate all the feedback.

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