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Enhance your camp with the new Tech Lab. It's pretty gross.

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Along with this update will be a really small map pack over in the Addons section. It includes some classic maps with the new Tech Lab building on it.

Ye Olde Update List.


  • New tech building. Tech Lab.
  • Starts with 3 generals powers you can use.
  • Can be upgraded for 10,000 to unlock a bunch of them.
  • Upgrades from 3 to... 9 I think?
  • Added Tech Lab to a couple Challenge maps (Leang and Superweapon).

USA Factions:

  • Microsoft Truck.
  • Holds 12 infantry.
  • Runs on Windows 1.
  • Moved Limo to GLA factions.

USA Supertrain:

  • Omega Aurora's don't get new explosion colors based on veterancy. I forgot when a unit gains vet and a new weapon, that new weapon is ready to fire...

China Factions:

  • Added the Defector stuff.
  • Available for free once you build the Propaganda Center.
  • Acquire enemy unit for free.

China Infantry:

  • Mortar Squads don't benefit from infantry training science.
  • Troop Crawlers hold 10 infantry. 5 Mini-Gunners and 5 Tank Hunters.

China Nuke:

  • Convoy Trucks have Bomb Truck Disguises.

GLA Factions:

  • New Science. Hijacker Strike.
  • Available for free once you build your Palace.
  • Works like the Salvage Scrap power, but you use it on enemy vehicles.
  • It hijacks them. Might hijack all of them in the area, or only 1. It does that sometimes.
  • Hijackers increased by a factor of 2. When a Hijacker exits a destroyed vehicle, you get 2 instead of 1.

GLA Demo:

  • New base defense: Anti-Tank Thing.
  • It's a Stinger Site but with Recoilless Riflemen instead. It's really really good against tanks.
  • Can be upgraded with camo.

GLA Salvage:

  • New unit. War Truck.
  • It's a truck with a good cannon on it.
  • Generally decent at killing everything.

GLA Stealth:

  • War Truck variant.
  • War Truck is armed with a Recoilless Rifleman instead.
  • Very good against vehicles, but that's about it.


  • Acid Trucks have Disguise Ability.

**GLA Campaign**

  • Some minor scripting improvements and layout. Still doesn't like to be played on Hard though.
  • Improved the explosion of a certain unit.
  • Air defense increased by a factor of 3.

Never ceases to amaze me. :)

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