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Update [1.02] is out! Steam Workshop Integration, share your characters and maps with the Blockstorm community!

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- [General] Steam Workshop Integration

- [Editor] Character preview inside editor is anti-aliased

- [GUI] When the in-game menu is opened, informations about current map, mode and server are provided

- [Fix] Joining a friend match from Steam overlay when the game is running is now supported
- [Fix] Joining a friend match from Steam with a password now works
- [Fix] Fixed synchronization issue on falling blocks when entering a match
- [Fix] Fixed blocks synchronization issue when blocks are broken using shotgun
- [Fix] Fixed client/server damage difference when using shotgun
- [Fix] Anti-cheat system was kicking when digging in the lowest level
- [Fix] Custom files were disappearing on Mac OS X
- [Fix] Characters sometimes were shaking when standing
- [Fix] When configuring the user-hosted server, same maps but with different game mode were considered as a single entry
- [Fix] Sometimes the game was hanging on "Connecting.."
- [Fix] Fixed "Underground Duel" (there was a shortcut from spawn point to the flag stand)
- [Fix] Score table was slightly moved on the right, to make the full log of the chat more readable
- [Fix] Crosshair was remaining on screen also when dead or the match was ended
- [Fix] Server's character on TDM/CTF/Assault was spawning before the match start
- [Fix] Changing a key inside key settings and then doing "cancel" didn't revert to previous configuration
- [Fix] Scoreboard was not updated immediately when joining a running match
- [Fix] Fixed "Sanctuary" map (needed more unbreakable blocks under some spawn points)
- [Fix] Minor fixes

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