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We have done lots of changes and improvements to the game to make it even more enjoyable. Below you will also find a youtube video that shows a compilation of the let's players swearing at the game. We love it.... check it out. ;)

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Update 1.0:

We just updated "The Bug Butcher" with lots of bugfixes and improvements. This is our first update since we released the game is on Early Access so if you find some bugs, please let us know:

Some of the things we changed/improved are:

  • Floor 4 is now unlocked!!!
  • Flickering on “End Round” menu removed
  • Weapon powerups are based off ammunition and not time anymore
  • Enemies now spawn during freeze grenade effect
  • Harry can now hit frozen enemies closer to the ground
  • Elevator fire no longer does damage during freeze grenade effect
  • Adjusted all enemy hit boxes for reduced frustration
  • Difficulty reduced on easy and medium
  • The strange “floaty” behavior after bouncing off walls was removed for several enemies
  • Combo bug where it would stop adding up was removed
  • Updated a bunch of enemy art and weapon effects.
  • Health bubble bug where it failed to despawn after pick up has been removed
  • Leaderboards now show all players
  • Bug where harry would randomly keep running without input has been removed.
  • Buffed Gatling Gun with a bit more power
  • Floor 2 divider walls now require less time to pull down.
  • Tons of little bugs were smashed!

Update 1.0

Because we had so much fun watching Youtubers play our game, we couldn't resist make a best off compilation of it. It is pretty funny... check it out how different people swear! ;)

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