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The GLA Campaign is here. It's about as serious as everything else in this mod. (Not serious at all.)

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The GLA Mini-Campaign is here. It adds 3 extra missions after the mini-game.

**Important PSA** - Because Worldbuilder is trash, the AI doesn't seem to work properly on Hard difficulty. So play on Medium instead. There's no difference between Hard and Medium, except that the AI only likes to work on Medium. Don't ask me why, it's Worldbuilder.

Super amazing Campaign storyline here:

The GLA Mini Campaign takes place just after a victorious GLA Campaign in Zero Hour. The USA is crushed and only a few Chinese forces are left. It was a good time for the GLA (Workers not included), that is, until something happened.

Brief Mission overview without giving spoilers:

Mission 1:

  • The Workers rise.
  • Put them in their place.
  • There is literally no way to fail this mission.

Mission 2:

  • We lost contact with an old GLA stronghold. Investigate.
  • Low tech mission.

Mission 3:

  • Track down those responsible.
  • Beware.
  • Macro focused mission.
  • Might take the longest.

Mission 4:

  • The final battle.
  • Fulfill your destiny.
  • Might be really difficult. Results may vary.
  • Claim internet glory.

Regular boring update list:

China Infantry:

  • Mortar Squad.
  • 6 Mortar dudes led by an Officer with a long range pistol.
  • Squads should regenerate like Angry Mobs now.

China Tank:

  • The Overlord Gattling upgrade button voice should be fixed.
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