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Hey guys! It's us again, reporting for update. So what's new? It's quite much actually, let me guide you through this magical update of Level Editor and game changes!

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Okey then, you most be wondering what we have been doing these last months.. Well, to be honest, there has been a lack of working. But we still have some great news for our game, and you guys!

The Level Editor
So what is our level editor? Some simple map tool for building maps?
I'm not trying too make it so super-simple, it's really easy too use, but it's still quite complex. So this is it:

So it's basically a simpler WarCraft 3 editor. In case you don't know how that editor works, let me explain it for you.

- Modified Units
You can change, edit or delete units whenever you like inside the "Unit Window\" (which is not shown inside the screenshot), but in there you can change the following stats:
Text - Name
Stats - HP
Stats - Speed
Stats - UnitType
Stats - Cost
Stats - Level
Stats - Race
Stats - Sell value
Art - Texture
Art - Ingame Icon
Attack - Damage
Attack - Type
Attack - Range
Attack - Weapon
Attack - Rotating weapon
Attack - Better with
Abilities - Normal
Movement - Movement type
Movement - Is a building
Movement - Controllable
Sound - Unit Sound Set
Item - Crystal Drop

You can even make your own textures and animations.

All these stats will be saved inside 2Dlandz unit-folder!

- Modified Map
What can I change in the map? You can change pretty much everything. Map name, the weather, wind streangth, which song should be played, should a song be played? If there is something more you'd like too see here, please let me know!

- Regions, events and actions
You place regions inside the map and choose what too do when a Unit enters/leaves it.

It should look something like this:
Region - Region entered by Unit
Player - Unit owned by Player 1
Unit - Spawn 10 Mercenary from region 2
Action - Shut down This Event

- The Usual
By usual I of course mean what has already been added before this point. You can place tiles, decorations, entities (player spawns, chests, unit-spawn locations).

The Game
So whats new about the game? A lot, let's start with the player first.

Picture this: You are running around on a map and you see a glorious chest appear above jump-limit. What do you do? Jetpack? Well, you can, but if you haven't got it yet?

So this is what you do, you hire a Drone (playable unit) to fight for your side during your quests, you reach your destination on the map, you change current playing unit to the Drone. Tada! You can now fly, you grab your main guy and fly up there and open the chest for some nice crystals.

But what happens too the units I'm not playing as at the moment? Those units will be controlled by an AI, even if you swap from your main guy. And be calm, the AI won't run down and die ASAP.

If you reach an area where your units can't reach you, they will simply stay there and wait for you to return.

All units is upgradeable as well, and customizable! You can change the following:
Weapon it uses, HP (visual as well), damage, specialls and abilities. Yeah, I think that covers it all about the units. We might come up with something new, since we've been quite good with changing the current of the game.

The game has been looking quite ugly the last few months just because I haven't been working with the visuals just yet, but they should be fairly easy to implement.

I will follow up with some pictures later during the week, cheers!

Thank you for reading! // Zolerion

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