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Update [1.0] is out! Capture The Flag, "Slim Turret" NPC (beta) and more!

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- [Gameplay] New mode: Capture The Flag
- [Gameplay] Added first NPC: Slim Turret (beta)
- [Gameplay] You can turn On/Off flashlight in dark environments (beta)
- [Gameplay] Flashlight has a clear light cone (beta)

- [Maps] New map: Holy War (CTF)
- [Maps] New map: Duel (CTF)
- [Maps] New map: Battle Camp (CTF)
- [Maps] Modified: Sewers (DM)
- [Maps] Modified: Pompeii (DM)

- [Editor] Added prefabs to build a Capture The Flag map

- [Weapons] Claymores are automatically destroyed when the placing player dies
- [Weapons] Sniper crosshair is less opaque

- [General] FOV is now configurable inside the in-game menu
- [General] Improved anti-cheat system

- [Fix] Random disconnections are less frequent
- [Fix] Sometimes Barrels were not exploding
- [Fix] Sometimes bullets had a precision error
- [Fix] Mini-map was fixed
- [Fix] Fixed an error when configuring base level
- [Fix] Fixed a problem on trapdoor rotation (maps previously saved could need manual fix)
- [Fix] Minor fixes

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