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A new update to the build on Early Access, fixing some path finding problems and tuning some AI Behaviours

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UPDATE #10: AI Behaviours and Pathfinding

Mini Samurai AI Behaviour

This time, a little bit more than one week has gone since the last updated, but we have been double checking the AI system in the game, as some players were reporting bugs with the ability of the enemies to find their way through the level without getting stuck in the environment.

This has led us to remap most the pathfinding grids in the level as to try to catch the reason why the enemies were not calculating correctly their way. This led us indirectly to a more in depth revision of some of the AI Systems in the game and some more fine tuning in the hope of improving the combat and at the same time to get some extra CPU Cycles for the stability sake of the game.


Mini Samurai AI Behaviour

New AI Behaviours with some of the enemies like the samurais and Mini Samurais that are now, able to navigate through the level with more precisions, and some new chase and quit behaviours, or in the case of the mini samurais a distinct way to face the player.


Pathfinding, improving navigation grid. The navigation grid for the A*Star pathfinding used in the game, was generating some problems with some of the obstacles. We have improved the overall mapping but there are still some critical points that causes the enemies to stop finding the best path toward the leading character.

With the improvements in the AI systems and in the pathfinding calculations we think that we have been able to squeeze a couple of extra frames which should make the game running more smoothly without some of the variations caused by the calculations performed by the AI..

As always, don´t forget to share any feedback or suggestion to us on the discussion board, we are counting on your help to make Upside-Down Dimensions a great game and we need your feedback.

Thanks for playing our game and Stay tuned...

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