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First look at the fast-paced platformer Our Way Up.

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We are currently working on a playable demo! That’s right! Are you excited? Are you following the progress here and on twitter?!... What? No? You don’t even know what the game is about? Okay, let me sell it to you:

Platformer with tight controls? Check! All the skill-base abilities like rocket-jump, dash or jetpack? Triple check! Tons of upgrades, items, skins, random maps and sweet unlocks? Check, check, all the checks.


All of that is already in the game. Keep reading for the stuff we are still working on.


We want the player to be able to customize his character, that’s why we are working on a skin system. Not much to show right now, so let’s agree on this one gif.



Abilities are the main juice of the game! We are planning to have as much as we possibly can! Jumps, jetpack, teleport or gravity switch - you name it - we will have it!.. no, seriously, name some and we might as well add them :)


(This npc gives you abilities)


The Enemy is fully functional! And… that’s it. He doesn’t have a skin, forgot some of his abilities at home and can’t really kill you, but… fine, he’s not really complete. But we still love him and use for gifs.


The Enemy changes his behavior depending on player’s skill and supplies plenty of stressful situations and – what’s more important – makes YOU WANNA RUN FASTER! (read more)


Did I mention that the map is randomly generated? Sounds cool? And it’s even cooler than that. However, it’s not cool when you need to balance it, tweak all spikes (lava walls) and coin positions, and still keep it fresh, unique and challenging even on the fifth playthrough.

We made so called rooms which are crafted by hand as we want to create unique and fun obstacles. These rooms are later randomly combined into maps/levels. (read more)


Demo! Demo, demo, demo! That’s our plans! We still need to work on a couple of things before the demo. Like UI, boss fight, more abilities, some effects, new rooms, new graphics, skins, sounds… everything. Looking at the list of things yet to be done is a little depressing. How much more we need to sacrifice for the glory of Our Way Up?!

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