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So far in this post i will talk about what has been done (coded, recorded, and created) for the game... I will also talk about what needs to be done or fixed...

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Hello everyone...

Now i know most people will look at this and be like... " A lua game on moddb... Da F*@&" haha. Well yea this isnt the place to really post a game such as this but i have been playing arround with it for a few months just goofing arround and finially got seriouse about the game...

In game (no bugs)

- Saving ( saves to a doc [x,y,cash, etc.] )
- doors ( collision set dores or pathes to load other tile maps )
- Music ( most custome sounds and music )
- Textures for map 1 (13 textures) are final
- Base code ( engine code )
- Slides ( Comic style slides to show cut sceens and tell the story )
- Levels/ Missions are coded in ( Usually you have options to get a new outcome of game each play )
- Mini games ( Slot machine & black jack ) NOTE: not 100% fuctioning I broke the code ^_^"
- Lights ( not real lights but images to project the allusion of lights but still look bad ass )
- Main menu
- Server ( Auto updates such as patechs and news letter updates )
- Custom music input ( Not coded yet but planed ) Input your own tracks into the game frome menu
- Loading screens

In the works ;)

- New tile collision set up
- Server for chating online
- ADHOC chat ( ehh not sure... Is it a waste of time ?? )
- AI for cars and non statonary objects
- Re code engine ( shape it up and make it where the code dosnt cheack things 1000X a second )
- Figure a way to recode slide show to where it has fade in and out and grey scale function...
- New button format... ( needs to be cleaner than what it is now )
- Set AI for speaking...
- Set up other maps to be coded... ( World1 and World2 are done... Need 4 more )
- Fix garbagecollection ( pre-set a certain # or KB before force GC ) (maxes ram)
- figure a way of getting arround LUA PLAYERS max image limit >.<

Not a vary long list of coded items but hey. I have never seen a LUA game that got my attention...

But i know most of you are reading and thinking that this game is stupid and a wast of space on Moddb but i plan to actually go all out on this game... Also there will be other games to follow this one...

2.0 will use the 3D lua engine or i will switch to C/C++ and code a new engine... Im not totally sure yet

Thanks for reading :)
~ TREY777 ~

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