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The first update covers the demise of the map generator and transition to web player among other things. There's also a website now where you can play the game.

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Hi everyone.

After a period of down time I decided to update everyone on the progress.
Not much has been done unfortunately. I'll try to list as many of the changes as I can (or remember).

  • No more map generation. The generator turned out to be a fiasco so it will be scrapped for now. Instead a hand made map is available for the time being.
  • A public server is available occasionally. It's still work in progress but I'll do my best to keep it online as much as possible, especially if there's positive feedback coming from players. There's no master server yet so you still need to pass around the IP address when playing with friends.
  • The game is now deployed as web player so no need to download builds on your computer. Just go to to play the game.
  • Upgrade system. Access the Upgrade menu before starting a game or joining one and pick some upgrades. You can pick one for every weapon mode (or none) and they usually offer a slight advantage but with a tradeoff. For example Praxis Barrel increases accuracy by 5% but also reduces damage by 5%. It's very basic for now but I will make it easier to use and add more upgrades over the next couple of days.
  • Push-to-Talk. Hold down T to talk. Seems to be working for the most part but it uses a lot of bandwidth so not exactly usable over the Internet. Should work fine in LAN plays though.
  • Some balancing as a result of feedbacks. Weapons are generally more deadly than they used to be.
  • Plasma cannon works fine now. It works so fine that not even the shield can't protect you from the blast. Will sort that out some day. Until then just try to dodge it.

That's all for now. Have fun playing the game and don't forget that feedback is gold for me so please share it.Battle machine out!

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