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Killer mood? Take these! This update will show you what toys we have in store for you!

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Hello Fans!

So you probably wonder what is going on with our game this week.


We finished first Survival Arena and second one is on the way, small corridor textures have been completed and added, many fixes in level meshes. There are other things still in progress, but lets not spoil it.

You probably wonder what kind of weapons will appear in game, well here is the current roster of killing devices:


Heat Blade / Knife;

Primary: Slash, Secondary; Throw (explodes on contact)

Pump Action / Shotgun;

Primary: Shotgun Pellets (duh), Secondary; Grenade

Service Rifle - Assault Rifle;

Primary: Automatic Fire, Secondary; Chainsaw

Technotana - Katana;

Primary: Slash, Secondary; Cut Space

Volcano Gatling - Minigun;

Primary: Chaingun, Secondary; Flamethrower

Demolitioner - Rocket Launcher;

Primary: Double Rockets, Secondary; Drill Missile

Handheld Reactor - Plasma/Railgun;

Primary: Plasma Auto Fire, Secondary; Charged Railgun shot

There are 3 weapons that are most likely to appear, but might change in the future

Apothecary - Heal Gun

Absolute Zero - Freezer Gun

Eraser - Super Gun


"Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?!"

All depends if they will fit the gameplay style of the game. All weapons will have Primary and Secondary fire modes. The main idea with our weapons is to take classic picks like Shotgun or Minigun and give it a twist, also adding weapons that don't appear that often in FPS games.


"Dakka Dakka Dakka!"

You probably wonder what other game modes we plan for you! So far its Co-op, Survival, TDM, DM and CTF. Pretty standard, but hey, we always can expand.


"dakka intensifies"


See You Space Elites...

- Kreuzer

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