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Update 1 - gameplay shows the first of 3 combat modes.

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Update1 gameplay show the first of 3 combat modes, this happens every time the player gets in contact with a bojutsu enemy (staff master).

During the combat mode the player has a limited time to accomplish the slash . Player should follow the attack path hitting all crit spots. Depending on how much crit spots are successfully touched the player can advance 0 to 3 positions. (Time on this mode is not implemented yet)

If the player fails to touch any crit spot the health bar is cut down by 25%. (Health bar not implemented yet).
Since the time the player has to jump gets shorter and shorter during game play, I'm thinking to use the health bar as a handicap. i.e. If the player health is 75% and the normal jump time is 1sec it would change to 0.75 secs. The life would regenerate a small amount on each jump.
Any thoughts about this?

Also to give the play some time to change between the combat mode and normal game mode, there will be a slight delay after the slashes. The path that isn't successfully followed gets red for a brief moment, before the normal game mode is resumed.

All feedback is welcome :)
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Update game play video

Previous game play video

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