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We've reached Friday, which means it's time to reflect on our progress.

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This week, our five goals were as follows:

One: Implement the team selection menu into Source SDK 2013 using the 2007 template code as a reference.

Two: Implement the class selection menu and classes into Source SDK 2013 using the 2007 template code as a reference.

Three: Begin removing unnecessary content from Half-Life 2, for instance code for the Gravity Gun and various other weapons/NPCs Optic won't be using.

Four: Create at least one basic map for testing the class' balance.

Five: Work on movement; reimplement the faster Runners and slower Hunters mechanic.

Our progress is now as follows:

One: Completed, the team menu is implemented and works.

Two: The menu is completed, but the classes themselves still need implementing.

Three: We started removing unnecessary content.

Four: The map has been created.

Five: The engine's speed limit has been raised, allowing us to experiment with the perfect speeds.

Next week, the goals we still need to finish will carry over.

We'll be back on Monday!


I got scared for a moment. I've been quietly watching this, so I wish you guys keep making progress with this mod.
Good luck ;)

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