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The first of hopefully many more updates here. The Worker has returned with a vengeance.

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Update list:

  • Commando Workers for GLA Vanilla, Toxin, Stealth and Salvage. Can pick up scrap for armor and gains stealth at veterancy 1+. He is always stealth for Kassad.
  • Commando Worker has 3 weapons and can climb cliffs and walk through minefields.
  • Dr. Thrax's Commando Worker is immune to poison, radiation, fire and microwaves.
  • Rods From God art replaced with various train segments.
  • New science for Salvage. "Black Market Tanks" is available at rank 3. Purchase a random enemy tank from your Arms Dealer. Some tanks are better than others.
  • All infantry for Kassad can stealth garrison. It is very annoying to fight.
  • More Controlbar updates.

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